music / sound design


Liberia by dkaufman A collaboration with producer/photographer Matt Powell for a video bio project set in Liberia. We were trying to blend a minimalist African sound with atmospheric Western harmonies and electronic elements.

lovely little piano score

If I do say so myself :). Bit of a change of pace – very tender piano, soft violin section, a solo violin patch from gypsy, and just a hint of synth. Two primary themes are introduced at the top, then varied and built at the end. Goodbyes


Ambient e-bow melody tells us that something bad may very well happen. ebowlicious

emo happiness

Hey, it can happen. Two parts processed rhodes pianos, two parts delayed hollow-body, bfd drums, synth bass… emo happiness

Evolution of Sorrow

Wasn’t able to sneak any accordian into this one like I was planning to, but there is a nice beat-up organ that comes in around 1:00 – soon followed by digital hybrid mandolin tremolo. Tasty. evolution of sorrow