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5 Biggest Home Recording Mistakes

As recording equipment and software keeps getting cheaper, a lot of musicians are spending a few hundred bucks on gear and cranking out home projects. I’ve worked on a number of these projects at the mix or master stage, and these are some of the biggest pitfalls I’ve seen beginners fall into time and time again. 5. I Don’t Need No Stinking Panning For whatever reason, beginners always seem to overlook panning tracks…creating.. Read More

Oxsana OCC Story

Great Operation Christmas Child full-circle story. Shot by Ryan Smith, original indie/folk score and mix by yours truly, edited by Brian Fetty, produced by Joseph Benson, graphics by Collin Waldron.

Tense but Cool

“Previously on…” track I finished up today. Trying to create a bit of suspense and tension without taking itself waaay too seriously. For me it really starts to get cool at about :20 with the mongolian throat singer and driving drumstick beat. tense but cool