music / sound design

Tell Me A Story

New indie/folk track, fresh from the toaster. I wasn’t happy with the acoustic sound I was getting, so I played with running through an amp and panning opposite from clean. Also managed to sneak Jimmy’s rainstick in towards the end (works with the visual cue in the video this was scored for), as well as some accordian. All East West stuff for the percussion, and Xpand worked surprisingly well for the bass. tell.. Read More

emo happiness

Hey, it can happen. Two parts processed rhodes pianos, two parts delayed hollow-body, bfd drums, synth bass… emo happiness

Evolution of Sorrow

Wasn’t able to sneak any accordian into this one like I was planning to, but there is a nice beat-up organ that comes in around 1:00 – soon followed by digital hybrid mandolin tremolo. Tasty. evolution of sorrow